Mail Service

Dingah mail is a new and simple way of sending letters and parcels, register and get your Dingah address,get a personal address or get a corporate address for your business

Get a physical box for all your bulk letters and parcels,postal addresses going for Ksh 500/= per month or Ksh 10000/= for a whole year, 3500/= quaterly

  • Dingah mail service has made it cheap,fast and efficient for people and corporate organizations to send and receive mail and parcels. You can now be able to send a letter through a dingah mail box that are located at convenient areas within the city. Check out our online directory if you want to find the dingah mail address of your mail recipient
  • All that you need to have your mail delivered is a Dingah address and a valid Dingah stamp code.To have the mail collected,simply click send mail and enter a few details.Mail collection service is only available to corporate dingah mail address holders,The registration fee is KSH 10,000 per year or KSH 6,000 half a year and KSH 3,500 quarterly.



Hire a car at the convenience of your phone and have it delivered to your destination of choosing hire Helicopters,canters,tippers, water bowser all in one platform

If you own a car and need to make money from it register your car with Dingah for hire and start making money today


Motor Insuarance

We offer insuarance to ensure safety to all our motor vehicle customers get it now,instant delivery even when stuck in traffic

Get your car Insuarance instantly where you are on your mobile phone fast and convinient



Now you can book your air ticket and bus tickect hassle free only on Dingah from anywhere

Book your flight with Dinga_Ticketing and you are entitled to a taxi ride to the airport



Proffesional verified drivers for hire, if you need one to either go get you a car from the port, or on short term contract, or you need a driver to drive you in times of need or to run errands



Meet your new wallet! Apply for Dingah vaction card to get incredible discounts and save money you spend everytime

You have Dingah points? Your Vacation card holds all your points use it buy goods and services on Dingah,Apply for your Vacation card today,Silver,Gold or Platinum



You own a shop? You need quick parcel delivery? Dingah_Courier is here for you,we facilitate delivery of items bought from online shops

You own a business? get and send all your letters using Dingah Courier fast and reliable



Cheaper than a taxi! Car pooling service for people heading towards the the same direction register your car for Ksh 1000/= per month and start making money

Dingah lift plus is for employees,students and people who have fixed schedules i.e. picked and dropped at specific times



All Dingah users can own a shop profile and post their products visible to a wide market provided by Dingah get yours today get and your money instantly via M-PESA

Introducing Flexi Purchase,buy goods on dingah and enjoy the convenience to pay in installments or apply for a loan on Dingah to pay for items registar your shop today



To convert your dingah points to cash one must visit a Dingah agent to withdraw or deposit their points in exchange for cash. transaction costs for both deposits and withdrawals stand at 10% of the value while the transfer costs when making purchases or transferring to another Dingah user stands at 1%.Agents make a commission of 5% for all transactions



Get instant access to our new online market platform where you can sell your car

All vehicles sold are well vetted and the report given after insppection of the vehicle is accurate



Introducing Dingah Points,earn dingah points for every shilling you spend on our platform and get much value back

Spend your points to purchase items on dingah,transfer your points to your friends on Dingah or even deposit cash for points, withdraw points for cash from registered Dingah agent's



Get access to proffesssional medical advise by chatting directly with a doctor or schedule an appointment on Dingah doctor

Paediatrician,Gynecologist,General practitioner or even have a home care nurse to come and attend to your in your own home, medical responce vehicles are available in case of emergencies

Dingah is an all inclusive Application whose main purpose is to ease the way of doing business and bring services closer to consumers thus making there life a lot easier and convenient
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