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About Dingah youth in business

Equal patners

A Dingah agent is an equal partner to the business, the profits generated in form of commissions charged to the businesses is shared on a 50/50 basis between the agent and Dingah the company. This is on every sale throughout the year,guranteeing the agent of daily income

Grow your skils

Free entrepreneurship and managerial skills, Dingah Agents are able to gain skills such as marketing, strategic management, accounting and alike in managing their online business. This program mentors great business leaders.

Book you space

Provision of quality office space and boardroom facilities. Dingah has opened a center where all agents can perform their duties professionally and in case of presentations a fully equipped boardroom facility is available for them to meet their clients.

Get Discount

Apply for your Dingah Vacation card and start enjoying the advantages of being a card holder and gain 3% discount on all purchases made on our platform.

Introducing AJIRIWA

The youth who are highly interested in employment opportunities will also benefit from our AJIRIWA platform where they will upload their CV's to potential employers. All Dingah partners are encouraged to recruit staff from Dingah due to the resourceful skills the agents would have gained.

Dingah Agents

A Dingah agent simply has to educate different business providers on how to use the system,Register today as a travel agent,car sale agent,property agent and start earning today. Get Started

Dingah Driver

This unique system allows vetted youth who have appropriate driving qualifications to offer services to investors who have motor vehicles and wish to do business within the platform. Get Started

Dingah Errands

Now you can simply request for an errand and it will be carried out by our agents. That could be picking and dropping of shopping, depositing checks, dropping letters and alike. Get Started

Dingah Merchants

Register your shops on dingah and connect to different customers. It has a social function embedded in it that allows shop owners to invite all their customers to follow their shop and whenever they add an item their followers are notified thus increasing their ability to sell. Get Started

Dingah Courier

If you own motor bikes or have the skills and license to ride,Youth offer both courier services and Dingah mail services where all corprorates have an organized system where all mail/parcel can be collected and the deliveries made on time Get Started
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